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Useful information

Previous Statistics

Fishing hours

Consult here the authorized fishing hours for each day of the 2020 season.

2020 Fishing hours

River flow

Map of fishing holes

Map of fishing holes

Fisher’s code of ethics

Stay by the river

The campsite Au jardin de mon père is located a few meters walk from the reception chalet of the river!

Camping in the garden of my father

You prefer to camp on the edge of the river? The Bec-Scie Outdoor Center offers rustic campgrounds at the edge of some pits.

Rustic camping

New this summer, it will be possible to rent small fishermen’s shelters at the edge of the river.

Stay tuned!

Guide on the river

Independent guides are not prohibited on the river. However, Contact Nature’s insurance policies do not cover independent guidance under any circumstances.

Fishing boutiques nearby