Pits 66 to 72, an Underestimated Area? - Rivière-à-Mars

Pits 66 to 72, an Underestimated Area?

5 September 2019

The Atlantic salmon season on Rivière-à-Mars ends on September 15, 2019. There are still some great fishing days waiting for you!

Why not try Pit 66 to 72 before the end of the season? This area further upstream of the river is often underestimated. Thanks to the abundant rains of the last days, the water level is favorable. It should also be noted that 109 salmon and 89 sea trout were transported across the dam des Murailles.

In addition, improvements were made with the help of the Fjord-du-Saguenay MRC and the Quebec Federation for Atlantic Salmon. Do not miss the opportunity to discover these promising pits!

The sea trout fishING continues until October 15, 2019. However, after September 15, it will be allowed in pits 1 to 12 only.

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