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New at Bec-Scie: Hok skis!

2 February 2020

There's something new in the Bec-Scie equipment rental room!

It is now possible to rent Hok skis, a hybrid between ski touring and snowshoeing.

Extract from Espace magazine: Shorter than ski touring, with its 125 or 145 cm, Hok ski, or snowshoe ski, has an integrated skin which gives more traction on climbs, as well as universal bindings like on snowboards, or three toes with heels.

Created by two ski enthusiasts, the Québécois Franois Sylvain and the American Nils Larsen, the Hok ski is inspired by skis used by hunters in the Altai mountains in Eurasia. To move around, they used a shorter ski with permanently attached skin, as well as a large stick to steer and keep their balance.

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Rental is free for 13 to 18 year olds and $ 10 for adults.

Hok skis are used on snowshoe trails. Free access for those 18 and under. Adult: $ 4

So, are we trying?

This sports equipment is courtesy of the Regroupement loisirs et sports du Saguenay—Lac Saint-Jean and it's durable equipment purchase program.

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