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An eco-responsible rating of 75%

22 April 2021

As you know, at Contact Nature, we work actively to integrate the principles of sustainable development into all of our operations and to take the necessary measures to reduce our environmental, social and economic impacts.

In this sense, we have participated in the eco-responsible Les Pages Vertes certification program. It is with pride that we obtained the second level - eco-responsible distinction - with a rating of 75% in a first assessment. Contact Nature is continuing its approach and is already working to implement several actions in order to obtain the last level.

To evaluate the actions and assign an eco-responsible rating, the organization Les pages Vertes uses a tool available free of charge on their site which allows it to calculate its level of eco-responsibility. There is even a version for individuals as well as for each business sector of companies.

The questionnaire to be completed contains nearly a hundred criteria classified by category of actions, among others, zero waste, local purchase, reuse, composting, organic products, biodegradable products, community involvement, etc.

The weighting of the eco-responsible rating is based on the eco-responsible measures established by Les Pages Vertes in collaboration with the Ministry of the Economy and Innovation and on thirteen of the largest sustainable development works.

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