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Reception room rental

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Location Grande Salle

For all occasions, you can rent the Bec-Scie reception hall at the Centre plein air Bec-Scie.

BOOK BY PHONE 418 697-5132


  • Bec-Scie reception hall : 300$ +tx (with barmaid 3 hours *)
  • Kitchen (1st option) : 150$ +tx (with one of our caterers)
  • Kitchen (2nd option) : 250$ +tx (with your own caterers)


  • Reception hall : 30 x 48 feet,
  • Small private lounge,
  • Tables and seats1,
  • Bar service (3 hours)2
  • Fireplace,
  • Professional Kitchen,
  • Sound system (media player and speakers),
  • Wall Mounted Television,
  • Video projector + standing screens,
  • Changing room,
  • Bathroom.
1. 20x 6-seater tables 3ft x 6ft – 4x 4-seater tables – 4x high 4-seater tables – 90 seats – Tablecloths ($4.00 fee + tax)
2. $35 per additional hour, the hourly rate also increases to $35 after 11 p.m.
Terms :
  • Payment: Full payment for the Reception hall is due at the time of booking and is non-refundable.
  • Caterer: The customer can ask for our suggestion of caterers or propose his own caterer. The client’s caterer must communicate with us to ensure compliance with the conditions that we will establish beforehand. The caterer will have to sign an agreement.
  • Decoration: The customer can come and make his own decorations the evening before the event but only with the approval of a manager. The customer will then be invited to undo and pick up his decorations during the opening hours of Bec Scie. A $50 deposit will be required and refundable upon pickup.