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Useful information

Trail map

Trail report

La Wouf Wouf (dog sports, 4 km) Open
La Boudreault (easy, 3 km) Open
Le Tipi (easy, 3 km) Open
Le Héron (easy, 5 km) Open
Le Mi-parcours (intermediate, 10 km) Open
La Crève coeur (intermediate, 12.5 km) Open
La Bernache (difficult, 15 km) Open
Le Huard (difficult, 20 km) Open
Raccourci Open
Le Canyon (1.3 km) Open
La Savard (2.1 km) Open
La Passe du Matelot (3.0 km) Open
L'Étang (4.0 km) Open
La Rivière (2.8, 5, 6.6, 8.2 km) Open
La Rivière (2 km) Open
Le Ruisseau (2.2 km) Open

Safety on the Trails

Here are the safety rules in force on the trails:

  • Do not enter the Okwari Adventure Zone
  • Carry a whistle or bell
  • Always bring water during physical exertion
  • Due to poor cellular reception, notify someone of your planned route
  • Stay on the trails
  • Swimming prohibited at all times
  • Keep dogs on a leash and scoop their poop.
  • Notify staff if you notice something broken or dangerous on the trails
  • Do not feed the animals