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Useful information

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Openings hours (desk)

November : closed (opening in December)



Note that you can access our trails at any time if you have your daily access pass (book it online or at our reception desk.)


Centre plein air Bec-Scie

7400, chemin des Chutes
La Baie, QC G7B 3N8

Trail Safety

Here are the safety rules to apply on the trails:

  • Do not go past the entrance to the Okwari Le Fjord area in summer
  • Have a whistle or bell
  • Always bring water
  • Cellular network doesn’t work properly in Bec-Scie center, so let someone know you are going on the trails
  • Stay on the trails
  • Swimming prohibited at all times
  • Keeping dogs on a leash and picking up their droppings
  • Notify staff if you notice anything broken or dangerous on the trails
  • Do not feed the animals encountered