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22 January 2019

Reminder- Vehicles are prohibited outside villages

For two weeks, we have noticed that some vehicles circulate outside the villages. Contact Nature wishes to remind that according to the municipal by-laws, cars and trucks are strictly forbidden outside village limits. Driving outside the villages by car is an offense. However, it is possible to do it by snowmobile [...]
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22 January 2019

Fraudulent Parking Stickers in Circulation

Fraudulent parking stickers circulate on the villages. Owning, making or using a fake sticker is an act of fraud. The authorities concerned are currently taking the necessary measures to stop this situation. Tickets could be issued. The checks will be more severe at the gate for the rest of the [...]
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18 January 2019

18 inches on every street at Grande-Baie!

The Contact Nature team is pleased to announce a full embarkation for the Grande-Baie ice village on January 18th 2019, 15 days earlier than last year. Have a good season! SEE THE MAP
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16 January 2019

Exceptional measurments for ice villages this Friday January 18 th

Considering the cold weather announced and that the last measures of the villages were made Monday and Tuesday; whereas the chances that the ice has thickened enough to allow other people to board their cabin are good; exceptionally, measures will be taken this Friday, January 18 for a second time [...]
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15 January 2019

New weekly measurments for Grande-baie

Here are the latest measurements for the ice village of Grande-Baie. SEE THE MAP Note that the ice thickness measurement charts are updated once a week. The measures for the village of Anse-à-Benjamin  will be communicated as soon as they are transmitted to us.
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3 January 2019

Héritage faune chooses 17 projects, including Contact Nature!

Contact Nature is one of 17 projects that will receive support from Héritage faune for the organization of ice fishing activities. Our project: build a fishing cabin to organize introductory activities promoting winter fishing with the aim of stimulating the next generation of fishers and the practice of family activities. [...]
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12 December 2018

Contact Nature reviewed the State of Recreational Fishing

A delegation from La Baie will participate in the review of the state of the winter groundfish recreational fishery in the Saguenay Fjord, which will take place at the Maurice Lamontagne Institute in Mont-Joli on November 21, 2018. Marc-André Galbrand Rémi Aubin, Guy Girard and Claudia Carascal-Lean will be the [...]
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29 November 2018

Additional day of weighing fishing huts

An additional weighing day has been added to the calendar. On Saturday, December 8, from 7:30 am to 3 pm, it will be possible to have his cabin weighed at 2225, rue de la Fonderie, in Chicoutimi. You must make an appointment by calling 418 820-7455.
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26 November 2018

Ice fishing – Online booking

The online booking platform is functional. You can go there now to reserve your location.      
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