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Recording and weighing a fishing cabin

Cabins registration

To enter the fishing villages, the registration in the City of Saguenay registers is mandatory.

For more information, visit Saguenay’s website.


Cabin weighing

The weighing of the cabins is not obligatory. The cabins weighed will be categorized according to the chart of weights and dimensions. See the chart below.

The owners who want to weigh their cabin in order to know the corresponding category will have to:

  • Have a certificate of registration from City of Saguenay (Division des permis, programmes et inspections);
  • Make sure that the plate with the registration number is installed on the fishing cabin.

The weighing takes place at 2225, rue de la Fonderie, Chicoutimi.

Instructions before going to the weighing site:

  • The cost for weighing is $ 30 taxes included;
  • Make an appointment by phone by calling 418 549-2457 ext. 274;
  • The cost can be paid in cash only;
  • Operations begin on November 1st, 2021;
  • Operation hours are from 8 am to 4 pm Monday to Friday inclusively.

The completed and signed form will be sent by the operator to the concerned municipal service. A new registration certificate will be sent to the owner with the actual weight category.

Source: City of Saguenay, 2019

Weights and dimensions chart


Effective ice thickness Size of the cabin Corresponding weight


Inches Square feet Square feet Kilograms Pounds
30 12 100 9,3 2 182 4 807
32,5 13 110 10,2 2 356 5 183
35 14 120 11,1 2 528 5 562
37,5 15 140 13 2 891 6 360
40 16 160 14,9 3 254 7 159
42,5 17 180 16,7 3 598 7 916
45 18 215 20 4 229 9 303
Courtesy: City of Saguenay


The ice fishing villages of La Baie are under the jurisdiction of the City of Saguenay.

View the rules

Map of Authorized Fishing Zones

Fjord Fish

What species can you fish on the fjord in winter? How to recognize prohibited species? The Musée du Fjord offers an illustrated document that will answer all your questions about the fauna of the fjord. Don’t hesitate to download it to your phone to have it handy on the ice!

Fjord Fish

Courtesy: City of Saguenay

Construction guide entitled Construire sa cabane (Build Your Own Cabin)

Would you like to build your own fishing cabin? Consult this guide for all the tips and tricks.

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