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Our team

Permanent staff

Marc-André Galbrand
Pierre-Luc Champagne
Deputy director
Diane Simard
Camping and ice fishing director
Bertrand Ouellet
Field, equipment and infrastructures manager
Jenny Vandal
Executive assistant
Roxanne Fortin
Camping and ice fishing management assistant
Marilou Tremblay
Communications, sales and customer service manager
Flora Rosine Sanogo
Accounting Technician / Administrative Support
Claude Ntondjui
Accounting Technician / Administrative Support
Mario Dallaire
Wildlife protection supervisor
Claude Beauvais
Wildlife protection assistant
Chantal Dompierre
Wildlife protection assistant
Suzanne Bolduc
Front desk clerk
Stéphane Tremblay
Field supervisor
Rosanne Houde
Maintenance worker
Maxime Couillard
Front desk clerk
Line Marquis
Cook and front desk clerk
Gilles Lajoie
Field attendant and et ice fishing technician
Chantale Potvin

Board members

Dany Tremblay, President

Louise Lévesque, Vice President

Philippe Leclerc, Treasurer

Sophie Brassard, Secretary

Gilles Lepage, Administrator

Claude Laberge, Administrator

Stéphane Lafrance, Administrator

Jean-Benoît Gagnon, Administrator

Claude Tremblay, Administrator and Quad Club Fjord representative

Sylvain Larouche, Administrator

Robin Tremblay, Administrator (Multisports)