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Our team

Marc-André Galbrand
Pierre-Luc Champagne
Deputy General Director
Diane Simard
Camping and ice fishing operation director
Roxanne Fortin
Camping and ice fishing assistant director
Marilou Tremblay
Communications and marketing manager
Lory Moreau
Human resources manager
Jenny Vandal
Executive assistant and in charge of sustainable development
Bertrand Ouellet
Field, equipment and infrastructures manager
Francesca Tremblay
Operations Manager
Nathalie Laurier
Gestionnaire du service à la clientèle - volet ventes et réservations
Suzanne Bolduc
Reception manager
Claude Ntondjui
Accounting manager
Émilie Pedneault
Accountant technician
Junior Atta
Accountant technician
Horette Meta Kalonji
Administrative assistant
Aline Gilbert-Thévard
In charge of day camps
Jennifer Gravel
Responsible for the protection of natural environments
Mario Dallaire
Wildlife protection supervisor
Claude Beauvais
Wildlife protection assistant
Chantal Dompierre
Wildlife protection assistant
Sylvain Tremblay
Wildlife protection assistant
Mike Pelletier
Field manager, ecotourism guide and project manager
Line Marquis
Field attendant
Stéphane Tremblay
Field supervisor
Gilles Lajoie
Field manager
Isabelle Morin
Field manager and ice fishing technician
Chantale Potvin
Bruno-Pierre Larouche
Camping attendant
Jessy Cleary Corbin
Field worker
Viky Tremblay
Ecotourism guide and ice fishing technician

Board members

Dany Tremblay, President

Louise Lévesque, Vice President

Gilles Lepage, Board member

Claude Laberge, Board member

Stéphane Lafrance, Board member and Bagotville military base representative

Jean-Benoît Gagnon, Board member

François Bergeron, Board member

Claude Tremblay, Board member and Quad Club Fjord representative

Sylvain Larouche, Board member

Amélie Bérubé, Board member

Jean-Julien Grenon, Board member