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Profile and mission


Contact Nature is a non-profit organization whose mission is the protection and enhancement of the natural environment and wildlife corridor Rivière-à-Mars. We offer recreational activities, outdoor, educational, tourist and adventure in a quiet and safe setting. and are committed to excellent service in order to offer a quality experience to our customers.

Bec-Scie trails
Bec-Scie trails


Contact Nature continues to be an organization recognized for expertise in protection, sound management and sustainable development. We aim to create a sense of belonging in the whole community by promoting contact, understanding and respect for the natural environment.


Sustainable development

Contact Nature wants to grow in line with sustainable development principles and to take all necessary measures to ensure the sustainability of natural resources in the territory while respecting the entire community involved in the development of the corridor Rivière-à-Mars. The involvement of many volunteers and employees is our wealth and maintaining it is of great importance to us.


At contact Nature, education plays a vital role in the protection and enhancement of natural and wildlife areas. It is for this reason that the organization puts education at the heart of its priorities, for its employees and its customers alike.


Contact Nature is committed to maintaining a high level of professionalism in all its operations. It is committed to providing welcoming and excellent customer service and to promoting safety in all activities of the organization.