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Fishing on the Rivière-à-Mars
Fishing on the Rivière-à-Mars

Sale of Fishing Licenses

You can purchase your fishing license at the reception centre.

License to fish atlantic salmon – 2019

Sport fishing Atlantic salmon Quebec resident Non-resident
Annual Limit of 4 salmon, 2 per day (63cm or less) $50.92 $ 163.39
3 days, one capture $ 22.20 $ 22.20
Catch and release only Good for the whole season $ 22.20 $ 22.20


Those wanting to fish on Rivière-à-Mars must register and pay their access fee at the river’s reception centre. The license must be kept on the person at all times when they are fishing. The reception staff will be happy to advise you the best fishing holes and the best flies to use there. Good fishing!

Reception centre at 3232 chemin Saint-Louis, La Baie, QC G7B 4M8.

Registering your catch

Every salmon caught must be registered at the reception centre. You must present your entire catch with tag attached. Registration of sea trout and native speckled trout is not necessary.

Reception chalet for the river
Reception chalet for the river

Equipment rental

No equipment? No problem! For $20 per day, you will be provided with everything you need, including:

  • Boots, pants, waders;
  • Fly rod;
  • Polarized sunglasses.

Credit card required to secure the rental.

Sale of flies and bristles

A large selection of hand-made flies is available at the reception centre:

  • Salmon wet flies
  • Salmon dry flies
  • Trout flies

Price varies from $4 to $7 per fly. Our staff are there to offer you expert advice

Monitoring the river's fish populations
Monitoring the river's fish populations

Monitoring and counting fish populations

In keeping with Contact Nature’s mission, salmon and sea trout populations in Rivière-à-Mars are closely monitored. The health of these species is important to us. Return statistics are observed and reported daily. You can see them here.

see statistics

Find out about the protection efforts made on the river in collaboration with the Ministry of Forests, Wildlife and Parks.

Stay by the river

The campsite Au jardin de mon père is located a few meters walk from the reception chalet of the river!

Camping in the garden of my father

You prefer to camp on the edge of the river? The Bec-Scie Outdoor Center offers rustic campgrounds at the edge of some pits.

Rustic camping

New this summer, it will be possible to rent small fishermen’s shelters at the edge of the river.

Stay tuned!